How to disable default touchpad gestures on F37 KDE?

I want to use touchegg and customize my own gestures instead of the defaults on F37 KDE. However, I can’t find any way to disable them, and I don’t know what package to remove. The default gestures are completely blocking touchegg from functioning.

Touchegg is not compatible with Wayland. So if you need it to work, you will need to in to an Xorg session. The advanced gestures and (slightly or more depending on your graphics card) fluid animations will be gone then, but touchegg will work.

I see. Then where are the default gestures coming from? Is there any way to change those?

In the driver, but someone else will need to chime in here about if and how these can be changed.

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Having done quite a bit of research on this (down to reading KWin source lol), I have discovered that these are default gestures supplied by KDE. As of the current KDE version (5.26.4), these gestures are hard-coded into KWin and cannot be changed without compiling your own version. However, the up/down swipe gestures can be disabled by going into KDE Settings > Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects and disabling Desktop Grid and Present Windows. The left/right gestures cannot be removed without disabling all virtual desktops.