How to change existing virtual machine from BIOS to UEFI boot?

I am using Fedora 33 Workstation on baremetal.

  • using Virt-Manager
  • downloaded a Fedora 33 Cloud QCOW2 image
  • created F33C guest by import the downloaded image (BIOS mode is used by default)

All working fine.

Can I switch my VM F33C from BIOS mode to UEFI mode?

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This should be possible, but might not be trivial:


Thanks for the pointers.

My test setup failed to boot, until I converted from MBR to GPT.

Once it is done, it boots OK.


It might be simpler to download an installation media and install in EFI mode, thus creating a new image. Just in case somebody else needs an EFI installation but is not bothered that the exact base image will not be installed.

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