How to change app icons in Fedora silverblue GNOME?

I’d like to change the app icons to e.g. GitHub - EliverLara/candy-icons: 🍭 Sweet gradient icons .

I move the icons to /var/home/laptop/.local/share/icons but the app icons do not change with gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme candy-icons or gnome-tweaks.

Any idea? Thank you

Did you log out after settings done usually it needs atleast logout and log in to enable changes?

If that doesn’t work download gnome tweak tools and input there icons theme that might do the trick.

There is also gnome 44 needs to have GTK 4 symlinks created sometimes

I used a weird version of candy-icons. I finally downloaded it from GitHub - EliverLara/candy-icons: 🍭 Sweet gradient icons which works as expected

thx! I found the problem. the icon set was malformed

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