How to browse info with a UI like a web browser?

Edit: sorry about the first version of this question (I was misremembering something I should have checked).

Long long ago in a different distribution, I found that I could conveniently read the things info displays konqueror, using a mouse to click the links and using standard browser BACK and similar operations.

I can’t stand the usual keyboard interface of info.

But more recently I can’t figure out how to do that in konqueror, nor can I find another way.

I don’t know if something extra was set up by that distribution to make konqueror able to do that, or if I somehow forgot how I had invoked it, or if that feature was removed or what.

I don’t care whether konqueror is the tool I use. Any tool that does it would be create. All I really want is to click on links with a mouse, not the keyboard and have a working back button.

Thanks. But my question was wrong (I had misremembered something I hadn’t looked at in a long time). I really meant the files used by the info program. I guess I that would be .info.gz files. But I don’t mean look at the contents of the .gz. I mean display the same information info would, but with a mouse based UI.

Is pinfo what you are looking for ?

Pinfo is an info file (or man page) viewer with a user interface
similar to the Lynx Web browser's interface.  Pinfo supports searching
using regular expressions, and is based on the ncurses library.

Overview - rpms/pinfo -

Thanks, but I’m pretty sure pinfo isn’t what I want. That doesn’t have mouse support does it? I guess “like a web browser” was too ambiguous a description. The mouse support was the key feature I wanted. I guess some web browsers don’t have mouse support.

I think info2html might have been what was used under the hood of the feature I had used (I’m not sure). I downloaded that, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it.

The help function of the Emacs editor uses .info files. Emacs can run in a terminal but also has a GUI, and allows you to view all the .info documents installed on your system.