How to activate GnuTLS in lftp?

Hi everyone:

I am having trouble to connect to an FTP server over SSL using lftp. It seems that the version of lftp shipped with Debian, for example, makes use of the GnuTLS library, while Fedora’s doesn’t. So I can connect from a Debian VM, but not from my main machine.

Does anyone know how to force lftp to use the gnutls library -which seems to be installed-? Do I need to compile from source?

Your help is really appreciated.

Does this help? It’s for Ubuntu but might work.

I have it set up and working on AlmaLinux. I don’t remember the exact steps I took, but I have the key in ~/.ssh/ and the bookmark just reads sftp://user@site.

I had landed in that page before, but none of the solutions seems to work.

The problem I am having is with ftps, which, as far as I have been able to understand, is different than sftp. The first is normal FTP with SSL security, while the second is ftp over ssh, or something like that. However, I may be wrong, so I will see if I can retry some of the solutions.

Thank you for your help.