Libswan and nm-l2tp Change Broke the compatibility between 2, cause L2TP can't connect and can't detect libswan


Hello, I come here to ask, as I’m using Fedora 36, and got libswan upgrade, and it broke my L2TP connection because it throws error can’t detect libswan / strongSwan. After I look into Reddit - Dive into anything this conversation, seems the last update broken nm and libswan check, and the new 4.9.1 in F36 seems still carry that problem, or otherwise, is there anyway it will be fixed soon? Or I need to kept downgrade/whitelist libswan from upgrade for now? If I don’t see that conv (that also affect F36), I really really left in the dark regarding broken implementation between it two, and thinking about reinstalling.

Any enlightenment is appreciated.


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Hi @benlimanto , welcome to the community.

If you think this is a bug, it’s best we report it so that the maintainers are aware of it. The first step would be to see if bugs have already been filed about this. What packages are we looking at here?

In the meantime, you can use dnf version lock plugin plugin to “pin” the versions to ones that work for you:

But I remember Fedora 36 already hit the EOL, and won’t receive any update in the end right? I seen plentiful of ticket in always end with EOL. I’m new here, please correct my view or understanding if I’m wrong. Thanks! And thank you for responding! I never know there are version lock plugin

36 is still pretty far from EOL.
34 is EOL and 35 is approaching EOL with 37 to be released soon, but 36 has about 6 months to go (around the time 38 will be released).