How does compare to

These two forums exist in parallel. Which of these is the official community support forum for Fedora?

This one is official.


This one wastes 66% of my screen space and probably looks fine on a phone, it sucks for larger screen size.

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I thought so too, but seems to be more popular and was the traditional Fedora forum.

The look is one thing, the content is another.

You won’t get any ads here :wink: .

BTW, welcome to the Fedora Discourse community :fedora: .


The ads are because the servers are run on a volunteer’s systems and ads help cover the hosting expenses.

I simply install Ublock Origin plugin, it works fine at blocking the ads

From Project Discussion to The Water Cooler

Added tech-talk and removed Site Help & Feedback, workstation-wg

Not even a little bit. . .

Blank space isn’t necessarily wasted. If the post area were full-width there, it would be harder to read. With a narrow column, you can scan vertically without your eyes going side-to-side. When it is much wider than what you show in your screenshot, when you get to the end of a line, you have to spend a little mental effort to find the line you’re on to start again (subconsciously, but it’s real[1]).

At some point soon, we’ll switch to the sidebar layout, like this:

which puts the left space to some use.

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Welcome. I’m new here, but I’ve been using Red Hat since before Fedora was born. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using Ublock Origin for a long time, and since then I don’t see many ads.

What makes you think this?

I rarely see if any search results or cross reference from that forum.

That I recall over the last 15yrs, I again disagree.

Have a good day :handshake:t5:

You’re probably right, and I don’t see many search results from the other forum either. On the other hand, I certainly haven’t used Fedora in the last 15 years. Regardless, I remember that in the past there was no Ask Fedora (this is where the discussion came from), only the fedoraforum, but we certainly don’t disagree on this. :slight_smile: