How do we get 'update descriptions' into GNOME Software?

The experience using GNOME Software for updates would be a lot better if we did have update descriptions for every package or Flatpak. Instead, all seem to say “no update description available.”

Even the top of the changelog — or a link to it — would be nice.

Does anybody know why this field is always blank and if anybody is working on what we can do to get more information into GNOME Software?


I’m not sure why this is blank but it’s probably because it’s not an application with AppStream metadata for each release. There is a request for displaying RPM changelogs in the GNOME software UI somewhere that could also help.

The Bottles Flatpak is one of the projects that does display an update description in GNOME Software.

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Yes, that’s because they write their changelog and include it in the AppStream Metadata: Bottles/ at master · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub