Gnome Software does not show system updates


For some reason, Gnome Software does not show available system updates in the updates tab. Flatpak updates are shown and automatically updated but not system packages. Updating via the command line works without any issues.

I’ve had this problem for a few months now. I’ve actually even reinstalled the OS (before I was using Workstation, now Silverblue) but Software still doesn’t show available updates (It says everything is up to date, despite that not being true).

After the reinstall, I do remember updating the system graphically once, but not again. Is it possible i changed some config file somewhere? I don’t remember tweaking anything that would make Software not show system updates.

I’m using a Lenovo Yoga Slim 7.

I’m not sure exactly what effect this would have, but is your user an administrator (in the wheel group)?

Yes, my user is in the wheel group.

I can update just fine using rpm-ostree, it’s just Gnome Software that seems to completely ignore system updates.

This sometimes happens to me. If I press the refresh button in the upper left corner of the GNOME Software window, they eventually show up after some loading but it takes noticeably slower than updating from the command-line. Not sure why I even need to do that because updates to Flatpak applications show up there on their own but system updates do not every time.

I don’t know if this will help you but it works for me when I notice it.

I think I remember trying that in the past without any luck.

I will try this again once I have updates available.

Actually it’s working now. I swear I remember trying this in the past and it did not fix anything.

Anyway, thanks.

I’m glad this has helped you. :slight_smile:

I am not entirely sure why this happens, but GNOME Software uses PackageKit as an interface for the underlying package manager so it can work on different distributions. The issue may be related to how this intermediate layer works together with the Fedora package manager (dnf on Workstation, rpm-ostree on Silverblue) but it may also be something different. This is just a guess, though. The important thing is that my workaround worked for you. :slight_smile:

There are some similar issues in the upstream issue tracker so let’s hope they are eventually able to make it so it doesn’t happen. If you are interested in following their progress, you can check: Issues · GNOME / gnome-software · GitLab

I quickly looked around them and it is even possible that this might have been already fixed or that we at least will get more information why no automatic updates happened in future versions of GNOME Software. For example, sometimes it might be connected with power-saving mode, other times with something else and so on (I don’t know the details). If these changes to GNOME Software get released with the next major version of GNOME, we’ll see them in the first Fedora version that comes with it.

To be precise, GNOME Software doesn’t use PackageKit for rpm-ostree; it has its own direct implementation, as it does for flatpak. So, any issue in common between Workstation and Silverblue is probably in Software itself.