How can I know what software packages are updated?

How can I know what packeges are updated,
when I use the GUI System Updates?

are you running Gnome and using Gnome Software?

if you want to know that, you’d better use dnf to update your system…sorry!

If you used GNOME Software or KDE Plasma Discover for updates, you can run the following commands in terminal.

$ dnf history info
// check the latest updated packages

$ dnf history
// view update summary

If you want fine-grained search, check the upstream documentation on dnf history command here.


what are the terminal commands to update my fedora 38 (gnome) system?

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh will update your system from the terminal

In Docs home page (, you can run in-browser search to get you information needed.

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Documentation seems incomplete at this point. Gnome ships flatpaks, which need to be updated separately.

See How to reinstall latest updates? - #4 by augenauf

The question was about how to track what packages are updated using the GUI System Updates.
Assuming it is GNOME Software center, there isn’t a way to list up update history for all software in Software center, so I advised dnf history.

You could check metadata section of each software installed on the ‘version history’. But there is no way to see an overview in the Software centre.

@ninos diverged to another question on dnf update.

In GNOME Software center, if a user selects flatpak repository option on the hamburger menu, Flatpak version of software is also populated when update is run. I use flatpak version of Kdenlive in GNOME, and don’t have to run the command you advised.

Same for KDE Discover. there is no need to run flatpak update separately if I selected flatpak repository in settings and use Discover for all updates (manually or automatically).

I’m not clear what section of user documentation is incomplete. If you found that, could you please pick the page that needs to be added? You are welcome to go and edit it yourself.


I don’t know if this answers your question or not but after I have installed updates using the software centre I receive a notification.

If I click that notification, I get a list of applications and ‘system’ updates that were applied.

If I click any of those individually I see a summary of the update. For example, if I click the System Updates entry, it shows a list of updated packages.

If I click an application in the list it shows the version updated to.

I don’t know how to get to that list except by clicking the notification though. So if you don’t check out the updates at the time, I don’t know of a way to get back to to the Installed Updates list at a later time. I’m generally only interested at the time so I’ve never gone looking…


very useful, thanks!