How do I view the messages that appear briefly on the screen after boot?


I have the latest version of Fedora LXQt installed.

Immediately after booting into the distro, at least two messages appear very briefly on the screen before the display manager launches.

What is/are the command(s) to view them?


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I think you can hit the right arrow key, or perhaps Esc, to view all boot messages. These should also end up in the journal though, so you can view them whenever you wish:

This is for everything after the Fedora boot starts. For messages before this (BIOS) etc, I’m not sure.

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Yes Esc i guess, if you want to see the messages colored after booting you can use the following command in your terminal:

sudo sed $'s/\^\[/\E/g' /var/log/boot.log

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For messages that appear during BIOS startup, I will ask the respective computer manufacturer for help. They do have tools to collect BIOS boot errors.

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I was under the impression that all boot messages are in the journal and not boot.log?