How do I properly submit a kernel bug report

Hi All,

I recently upgraded my laptop from Fedora 36 to Fedora 37 but ran into an Issue with the linux kernel.

My ethernet card stopped working.

Now, If I boot the laptop from the latest Fedora-36 kernel still available on my machine, Fedora-37 runs smoothly so its not a configuration or upgrade failure I think.

Working kernel:

Not working kernel:

A bug report can be filed at and sign in with your fedora credentials. You can post everything you already know and the maintainers will ask for any additional info they need.

You may also want to check and see if anything has been submitted for your issue.

While waiting for a fix, make sure you won’t lose the last working kernel and consider installing newer F36 kernels from koji:


Thanks all for the replies , I will take ozeszty’s hint and preserve the kernel that is still working, as a custom boot option, then I can always go back to that one.

I see tons of bugs are already opened on the kernel bugzilla list so a new one won’t make a difference anymore.

In fact your info may make a difference. Simply add your info to the one that matches your situation so they can see the various hardware and installs that are affected.

You might also link here the particular bug that fits your situation so others might find it directly instead of searching.