How do I install VirtualBox Guest Additions?

I really need the ability to share clipboard between the guest and host (yes, I have it enabled in VirtualBox settings). I assume VirtualBox Guest Additions is not installed/working, otherwise this feature would be working like my other VM’s.

How do I install/enable VirtualBox Guest Additions on the host?

I’m running a Fedora Kinoite guest from Windows VirtualBox host.

Host = Windows
Guest = Fedora Kinoite


I also tried (and rebooted afterwards):
$ sudo rpm-ostree install virtualbox-guest-additions --allow-inactive

I don’t know about Silverblue or Kinoite, but on Workstation I find that virtualbox-guest-additions is installed by default.

It looks that way on my machine, but I’m not sure if the shared clipboard is enabled, or is not fully functional.

Try using Xorg instead of Wayland and follow the official documentation if the issue persists.

Same here. Installed by default on Workstation and Xfce.


To install the extension pack manually under VirtualBox 7,0, if I remember correctly, download the extension pack from the Oracle site and use the VirtualBox menu system, File, Tools, Extension Pack Manager to install.

Clipboard works fine. Enable “bidirectional”.