How can I install ibus-engine in Silverblue

How can I install an ibus-engine, which have no rpm package (I usually install it with make install) in silverblue. I’m talking about GitHub - sarim/ibus-avro: Avro phonetic bangla typing layout for ibus this ibus-engine for inputting Bangla.

I’ve tried making rpm with checkinstall, but failed to install with message saying gschema.compiled already exists and some hardlinking error. I’ve tried using --prefix=/usr/local but that too failed with message saying /usr/local isn’t supported.

Which option do I have? I can install it in toolbox and can’t run outside toolbox and since the engine must operate with the system level daemon, how can I acheive it?

I’m very new to Silverblue, docker, container thing (Only a few days now) but I think, I’ve got the big picture. But couldn’t figure out this. Am I missing any obvious ?

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Still no comment! Should I have been posted this somewhere else instead?

Hello @anwar and welcome to the community.

Since Silverblue is still a niche product, I mean, the userbase is still not so wide as a classical Fedora Workstation, I think that you have more chances to receive answers in the community forum #silverblue topics

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Ok. This is confusing for new users. There is a ask.fedoraproject and also discussion.fedoraproject with same look and feel!

Thank you

Well is addressed to working groups, Fedora teams, in other words to the Fedora development and the discussions is pretty around the community: new projects, new objectives, etc.
While Ask Fedora has the user in mind, in the sense of the person who uses Fedora as his/her operating system, from the newbie to the pro.

I mean, here you can ask anything related to Fedora, also related to Silverblue. There are a lot of Silverblue users around, but not as many as Fedora Workstation (or any other Fedora Spin) users, so the chances to receive an answer are lower, especially if the topic is too specific.

In any case, as you can see in the Silverblue web site, the Community link points to #silverblue topics, maybe here you have more chances to find the answer you are looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe in the future, when Silverblue will be the de facto GNU/Linux distribution :smiley: or it will be the new Fedora flagship, we will find a lot of resources an documentation all around the web.