How can I install Fedora SoaS?

Hello, I was trying to install Fedora 32 SoaS on my USB drive and it seems like I can only install it in live boot mode. It asks for a name and it won’t save it. Every time I reboot, all my data is gone. How can I install it on my USB drive?

In worst case, it should be possible to install the Sugar DE on another version.

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Hello, I also tried installing on Fedora 30 and 31 before. I still get the same result. I just write the iso file on my USB and shouldn’t it be installed? As far as I see, there is no install Fedora button in it.

Once you boot up your usb open terminal and run ‘liveinst’ .It will bring anaconda-install program.


Then can I install it on the same usb drive?

No if you want use liveusb and have save your work make liveusb with persistent filesystem for /home read Creating and using a live installation image :: Fedora Docs

  1. `dnf install livecd-tools
  2. For example: livecd-iso-to-disk --home-size-mb 2048 Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-32-1.1.iso /dev/sdX
    This will create a 2 GiB filesystem that will be mounted as /home each time the stick is booted, allowing you to preserve data in /home across boots.( you can chose /home size as you wish example 4096 will be 4GiB filesystem)
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This is going to create a home directory in the USB drive right? Then can I remove the live user and create a new user? Also, can I learn what is the default password for root and live user?

Yes that is make home dir .I don’t thing that you can remove live user ,but you can add new user.There is not password for sudo and for root use ‘sudo su -’. You do ‘sudo passwd root’ too set new password.(not sure that will be persist) .

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Thank you so much! This really helped me!

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Hello again, I installed it and there are no users in the system. I see a login screen with no user selected. There are no users. What should I do next?

Read this → Managing Users and Groups :: Fedora Docs.

Hello, I know how to add users but I can’t access to any type of terminal. There are 0 users and root user is locked by default.

use user: liveuser to login .It is user without password.Once you login search for terminal.

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