Software from store won't install on fresh fedora computer

Whenever I try to install a program through the software browser included with fedora it gives me an error saying that I don’t have space.

But, the computer has a 1 TB drive. And nothing has been installed on it other than the OS. So it should have plenty of space.

The internet is working fine for browsing. I can also download files fine. But trying to install flatpacks or appimages doesn’t seem to work.

The computer is one of the new framework laptops. And Fedora is one of the recommended distros for. In particular it is one of the few that are supposed to be able to use it’s fingerprint reader.

I followed the manufacturers instructions. Although, I opted to encrypt the drive. But they didn’t say not to encrypt.

Another small thing is that it hasn’t been prompting me for a password for sudo commands. Which makes me think that it doesn’t really have a user account yet. Which is somewhat concerning. I am not rea

I used a command to get this system info in case that helps:

Sudo should always ask for the users password. If it does not then you must have logged in as root, or you used sudo to switch to root with a command such as sudo su, after which sudo does not ask for the users password again since you are already root. If you have done that then you should reboot to get out of the root access and then only use sudo when absolutely necessary to perform an admin command. In all other cases, do not use sudo.

If you logged in as your user then you do have the user account, and normally sudo should be the only thing that asks for your password again after logging in.

The only thing that concerns me about that post is this from the centos paste link

* Top 5 CPU hogs (ps axuScnh | awk '$2!=95617' | sort -rnk3 | head -5):
         1000   78514  5.6  0.2 411944 77296 ?        Sl   00:03  47:59 RDD Process
         1000   73309  5.5  2.8 5728812 931996 ?      Sl   Oct28  49:39 firefox
         1000   78128  4.3  1.4 3239112 466800 ?      Sl   00:01  36:58 Isolated Web Co
         1000   85913  3.7  0.8 2979996 261008 ?      Sl   12:40   3:38 Isolated Web Co
         1000    1784  2.4  0.9 6145100 314200 ?      Ssl  Oct28  23:48 gnome-shell
* Top 5 Memory hogs (ps axuScnh | sort -rnk4 | head -5):
         1000   73309  5.5  2.8 5728812 931996 ?      Sl   Oct28  49:39 firefox
            0    1954  0.3  2.5 1487148 840916 ?      Ssl  Oct28   3:21 packagekitd
         1000   78128  4.3  1.4 3239112 466800 ?      Sl   00:01  36:58 Isolated Web Co
         1000   81589  0.4  1.1 2982304 368388 ?      Sl   00:47   3:35 Isolated Web Co
         1000   87121  2.2  0.9 9258864 312504 ?      Sl   12:49   1:58 Isolated Web Co

I would not expect to see the Isolated Web Co entry, and especially not in both the CPU hog and Memory hog categories. I don’t know what that is, but it seems to be using a large portion of memory and cpu.

You really did not explain what was meant by the title.
I never seem to have a problem updating the software, and I use a terminal and do updates with sudo dnf upgrade and it just works and always has done so.

It is obvious you have not even done the initial system update after the install since you have kernel 5.17.5 installed and booted. That is the kernel that was released with fedora 36.

It is never recommended that you install a flatpak or appimage unless the app is not available in any other form, so do the system update first, then check to see if your apps are available from fedora or a compatible repo before you resort to a flatpak or appimage.

Can you please post the output of df -h and lsblk? The pastebin link you provided seems to have already expired.

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