How can I install Arronax in Fedora 38

How can I Install Arronax in Fedors 38 Cinnamon.
I have Downloaded Arronax 0.8.1 and Decompressed it, it has 7 Folders and 9 Files.
There are No Instructions to Install the Program.
There is No Install File or Setup File.
I am New to Linux so Please take it Easy.

You should have been able to download an rpm package from here

That avoids any additional manipulation of the package and a simple download then install with dnf would handle it for you

I note that most of the info on the internet shows it is related to ubuntu and even has a .deb file for installation, but that one I linked is to download an rpm.

Thanks for that Info jeff V.
So I d/l that file and decompressed it, it has 7 folders and 9 files.
Once again I can’t see any instructions to install it.
You said to use dnf to install it, Please tell me How to do that.
Remember I am using Fedora 38 Cinnamon, which has Nemo as a File Manager.

In a terminal do this

sudo dnf install arronax-0.8-alt1.noarch.rpm