Need Help Can't Install Arronax in Fedora 38

I have d/l all the different ones from their site and can’t get any to install.
When I d/l it , I get a bunch of files, but no install, setup or anything that looks like an install file.
I am new to linux.

Please provide links to the software so we can see what you’re talking about.

Does the following wiki article help you manually write a desktop starter?

(For reference, your “other” post: Bug #2023921 “arronax can't install in fedora 38” : Bugs : Arronax)

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It’s a program to create desktop files? Then I recommend MenuLibre which is in Fedora repos.

sudo dnf install menulibre
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Thanks for that Info.
I Briefly checked out MenuLibre and from what I could see it is for creating Menu’s.
What I want is a Shortcut on my desktop to a Game that I have Put in a Folder in my Home Directory.
It is an Old Windows Game ( Morejonng ) , an .EXE File.
It Works OK , it’s just a Pain to Start up because each time I want to Play it, I have to Navigate to .
So I just want a Shortcut on my desktop to that exe file.???.

MenuLibre creates and edits desktop files, just like Arronax.

Desktop files are the source of the icons you see on your desktop, app launcher, “start” menu, or other kinds of menus (depending on the desktop environment like GNOME, KDE, etc).

Thanks for that.
I will have another look at it when I get time to put fedora back on ( I’m back Home in Windows 10 ).