How can I configure Fedora Workstation to totally hide some audio input and output sources?

I am using Fedora Workstation 37. I have several monitors plugged in, as well as a headset and a webcam which has a microphone. The monitors are HDMI, and show up as output devices^[“HDMI / DisplayPort - Navi 21/23 HDMI/DP Audio Controller”. Two of the three monitors don’t have speakers — one actually does. The headset also has both mono and stereo outputs, and I never want to use the mono one.

How can I configure pipewire, wireplumber, GNOME, or whatever I need to so that the inputs and outputs that I never want to use are never shown to me? It’s minor, but this would make it a lot faster to switch when I want to — and, it would keep it from occasionally doing the annoying thing it seems to do where it switches randomly to the wrong one.