Hosted WordPress instance for CommBlog

@jasonbrooks from Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office has set up a WordPress instance on OSPO’s WP Engine account. Please test things out at and send feedback to Jason and me by 19 July. If everything is working, we’ll try to coordinate a cutover during the last two weeks of July.

A few notes:

  • If you click the Login link on the page, you will get redirected to the existing CommBlog. Go to if you want to get to the admin console.
  • If you have any Python scripts that hit the REST API, you will need to specify a custom User-Agent in the request header. WP Engine blocks requests from ‘python-requests/*’, presumably as a bot deterrent.

I’ve done some testing and everything looks good, but I want to get more eyes on it before we make the switch. One thing I noticed is the improved performance: my post counting script runs in 4 seconds versus 30. :slight_smile:


I had a quick look around and it looks good :slight_smile: . One thing that does not seems to work is the Jetpack plugins to get the statistics but I guess that just needs some configuration to be done.


I connected it to Jetpack. We’ll see what happens when we cut the site over — I’m not sure if Jetpack will recognize that it’s the same site or not. I’ll do a little more research on that.

I had a chance to poke around and everything looks good to me.

My only concern is the same as @cverna mentioned. There are four years of page view metrics on the previous site and these are really useful for understanding where we are engaging with readers. If they cannot be migrated, we should find a way to archive this data or keep it alive in another way.