Current Wordpress Site Health Status

Hello Fedora Magazine editors and administrators. The current site health status reports 1 security advisory (a WP update) and 4 performance advisories. Do we want to update to the latest version? Also, to help with performance in loading, the recommendation is to disable unused plugins and themes, plus use persistent cache. There is also the performance advisory that Jetpak is unable to determine Disk Space available to safely perform the update, or updates period. Thoughts welcome.

As I think I’ve said before, I’m fine with doing anything that can be undone (promptly and easily) if need be. :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t have access to the backups or the know-how to restore them, so I never attempt to make such changes.

As for space, it looks like there are several old themes that don’t need to be there. I even tried to delete a few of those at one time, but I wasn’t allowed.

Last time it was updated we lost some functionality. IIRC login was broken an also some minor stuff, like the ability to Like articles:

…and I bow to Gregory’s superior experience and knowledge of WP. I.e. “what he said”

As far as I know, none of us do, or actually maybe any of us do. The site is served from a Pagure repo I thought by infra. I don’t have any direct involvement with it, but I have asked this question of updating before and we seem to have this circular discussion and I end up just doing it, and normally it goes fine, with one exception I note which was highlighted by @x3mboy in his comments.

On a related but divergent note about site administration, I apparently “own” it (fedora magazine site) according to Wordpress. I get notified whenever anyone new subscribes to it. I get all of the unsolicited emails about improving it’s profile, and copious spam content too. This happened after we had some difficulty with site statistics, basically they weren’t working because the dashboard software (jetpak) wasn’t updated, so I did it. This solved the issue for the editorial team but now I feel I am left owning the site. Not that I mind doing any of this, I am just more accustomed to being informed in a more determined fashion that I am taking on new responsibilities. Plus, for the record, my day job never was Systems Administration, and even though I am confident I can do it, I may not be the best at it.

That’s what is known as the pottery barn rule :stuck_out_tongue:.

Which proves that we can define our state, :smile: at least. Even if we haven’t advanced the original question towards resolution fully. I think we should vote on whether we update with simple + or - 1’s here to get consensus at least. WDYT?

My vote is +1