Holding back a kernel with version lock

Hi everyone, so I think this should be an easy one to answer, but it has me a little baffled right now, so any help will certainly save my sanity :slight_smile:

I run Fedora 32 on my desktop and a Thinkpad, sometimes on the thinkpad the new kernel updates breaks some part of my workflow, so I hold back the last working kernel in order to stay productive.

To hold back the kernel I need to know the package for the kernel. On my desktop I simply do:

rpm -qi kernel

This shows me my installed kernels and I can simply add the package to versionlock

On my Thinkpad however, when I do the same command i get the message:
package kernel is not installed.

I guess there is a better way to find what package provides the kernel, any help appreciated.

dnf list --installed | grep kernel
that will give you all the kernel packages installed on your box.


Great thank for this :slight_smile:

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