High min frequency for Ryzen 3700X on Linux?

Hello all,

The minimum frequency with the default “ondemand” gov is set to 2.2GhZ for a Ryzen 3700x (tested with kernel 5.7.16). This is also the frequency all cores maintain on idle load (read with lscpu and zenmonitor).

On Windows RyzenMaster (AMD’s monitoring tool) reports a minimum frequency during idle load of ~800MhZ per core.

During load Windows and Linux have the same max (3.6GhZ) and turbo freq (4.4GhZ).

Why is the min freq set much higher on Linux and does this by default lead to a bit more power draw on idle?

Hi Mershi,

if I google around for 3700x clock speed I see 2.2GHz much more mentioned than 800MHz so I think 2.2GHz is fine.