AMD APU , CPU and GPU can not work at the same time. (CPU throttled to 798MHz)

Apologies for making another thread on this topic I’ve just narrowed down the problem and was hoping to get a helpful response if I’m more specific.

My CPU has a base frequency of 1500MHz and generally runs at 2100MHz, I can see this by running:

watch -n 1 “grep ‘cpu MHz’ /proc/cpuinfo”

My GPU generally runs at 200MHz, I assume this is when it’s not being used, I can see this by running:

watch -n 1 cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/amdgpu_pm_info

And looking at the portion that says “GFX Clocks and Power: 200 MHz (SCLK)”

As soon as my GPU is used (by running a video or a game etc.) it’s clock speed goes up and my CPU clock speed plummets to 798MHz. It stays down even when I attempt to do a CPU intensive task (viewing a web page, opening an application.)

This happens every time and all my temperatures are low (under 60 degrees Celsius), viewed by running:


This seems to be very common.

I’ve tried everything I’ve read online with no effect. Can anyone help?