Fedora 36: stuck at 399MHz, again


I’ve been using Fedora 36 for a few days and just today I started having performance issues. The same thing happened to me at the beginning of the year with Fedora 35. After a few days using the system my computer just slows down, with the clock stuck at 399MHz on all cpu cores. This only happens when the laptop is not plugged in. Earlier this year when I was using Fedora 35 I saw solutions saying that deleting thermald would solve the problem. Although I don’t know why, this actually solved the problem. But in Fedora 36 the same thing didn’t happen. I deleted thermald and nothing changed. Booting is also taking a long time, exactly the thing that happened earlier this year with Fedora 35.

I’d say you’re struck by the same bug as ubuntu guys … again :smiley:

What’s your system specs? They link kernel patches there which look promising … but may take some weeks into stable and then fedora if they don’t decide to patch before that (which is unlikely I’d say, even though, they are fast to catch things like this), but the patches specifically mention tiger lake laptops:

Acer Aspire A315-42

AMD Ryzen 3 3200u with radeon vega mobile gfx × 4

Then that’s a different bug, since this one is certainly only on intel 3400. Except for hardware failing, I didn’t see any issues on 3200u anywhere yet, and that model was not unpopular.

On my system if I unplug the laptop and run on battery it slows down to 800 MHz very quickly. When plugged in it runs at ~4000 MHz. This seems a factor of the bios and the power source, not the OS specifically.

Would you rather the machine slows down and gives you an hour or 2 of life when unplugged or would you want it to stay at full speed and the battery die in 1/2 hour or less?

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