Help with unbalanced hearing

Hello, My hearing in my left ear is worse than that in my right ear. This is a problem when watching movies, listening to music. It is even worse when I am using headphones and not speakers.

In windows 10 I can counter act this with a good equalizer program. Is there a way to do this in fedora?.

Besides the usual Balance control in Settings, I think something like PulseEffects can do a similar thing:

The Equalizer can work with Split channels and an arbitrary number of bands.

You can install by the usual Software methods.

So I see that I can use the equalizer to split channels and have my 12 bands. In windows I need to run it through a pre-amp before it goes to equalizer. I don’t see that option in pulse. Right now it sounds like some 1920s radio, it’s just all static.

Is there a pre-amp setting in pulse effects?

It also seems that I can’t have values above 35 in the equalizer which is bad because some of them need to be 50.

Where are the config files stored? I couldn’t find it stated in the docs which was disappointing.

You would have to ask about that upstream; I just know that it exists and tried it out myself a very little bit before posting.

The pre-amp gain shown in your screenshot is -50 dB, not 50 dB. So your overall gain is between -25 dB and +10 dB, is it not?