Linux bad sound - audio distortion

Hey everyone,

I’m posting here a number of steps I did trying to make my Fedora install sound better. I actually wanted to help anyone using linux and dealing with this problem, but I don’t think I’m going to join the Ubuntu forum for this.

  • Installed pulse-audio equalizer. It didn’t solve the problem indeed, it just let me adjust sound equalization. In fact, it highlighted the problem of distorted sound as I boosted low frequencies.
  • Studied the pulseaudio daemon a little bit more in detail, and modified its config file partially as suggested in this thread. I recommend you to carefully read your soundcard’s specs before attempting such changes. This step significantly improved sound quality but still left distortion out to fix.
  • Interestingly enough, messing around with every sound slider I could find, I accidentally lowered the app specific one (Lollypop, in my case) and finally come to a conclusion. Yes folks, if you set player volume to 100% you’ll get distorted audio. I don’t even know how bad this thing should be considered since I have some very bass boosted tracks, even though I’m pretty sure windows drivers don’t have such a problem.

SOLUTION: set your app-specific volume to 85% max.

Have a great day, and enjoy your library!