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I installed fedora kde and KDE gets very confused with two displays running. I have not had this problem with any other desktop (even on fedora) . I am pretty sure I installed the Nvidia driver for my 1660 Super, but I do not have Xserver settings. There is also screen tearing.
Anyone know a fix?

Can you explain what you mean? I am running 3 displays without issue.

It has been a while since I used nvidia but I know when I did in the past I had to enable
ForceFullCompositionPipeline in the nvidia settings to fix tearing with plasma.

I used this guide to install the driver.
But i do not have xserver settings. When I plug both displays in it does not treat it as a secondary display instead the input from the first screen gets wrapped around to the second screen, and half the task bar is visible on the right side of the main display and the other part is just gone. Background also gets messed up, and mouse accouacy is way off. Windows are not in the location they look like they are in. My secondary display is using a display port to dvi adaptor and it is 1440:900 and my main display is over hdmi and it is 1920:1080.