FC36 KDE Plasma segfault dual head NVIDIA Xorg dual xscreen

Plasma segfault while starting, dual Nvidia GTX 1650, configured GPU0 XScreen0 and GPU1 XScreen1. Nvidia driver version 515.57 from rpmfusion repo. Nvidia settings tool creates xorg.conf with 2 XScreens, close and re-open Nvidia settings and XScreen1 is not identified. This dual XScreen configuration is operational on f34.

Do you have the same behavior with Wayland?

Complete system hang when starting Wayland with this dual head Nvidia configuration, no response from keyboard numlock led etc.
My app requires 2 Xscreens and the Nvidia settings tool creates an xorg.conf file, so Wayland is not an option for me.
Thanks for your input.

Dual head with XScreen0 & XScreen1 is now functional with NVIDIA driver 520.56.06 and KDE Plasma version 5.25.6 on kernel 6.0.5-200. Plasma desktop settings available only on XScreen1. XScreen0 does not respond to right mouse click or allow icon placement. Appears Screen0 and Screen1 are confused.