Help wanted: program management team

I’ve accepted the meeting invite for Friday in case I’m able to attend but I have a clash so please accept my apologies for missing out on this one. If you’re able to change the time, I’m available if we schedule 30 minutes earlier (start at 18:00 UTC) or 1½ hours later (start at 20:00 UTC).

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Just #action mattdm me and I’ll make it for me. (Bonus points for giving a name, a short url version of the name, and a category description. Extra bonus points for picking a color.)

Hello bcotton,

i accepted the meeting invite for Friday.
I look forward to working with you.

Best regards

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I have the privs, so I’ll let you avoid the #action…this time :wink:

Not able to open the pagure repo. Says the page doesn’t exist

That’s because I haven’t created it yet. :slight_smile: I said I’d wait until Monday to give people a chance to object to the plan.

Ops sorry! :grin: