Help: Can't boot any live USB on my Thinkpad t495

Hey people!

I have a really weird problem. I have a Thinkpad T495 with stupid proprietary Bios. In there, unlike for example Acer Bios, I have no option to add EFI keys or in general boot targets at all.

Currently I have setup Fedora and Windows boot manager, but I cant boot from USB! I checked my live USBs a lot, Tails, Ventoy, Kinoite, KDE Neon,… they dont work, dont show up in the F12 options or in Grub.

Do you know how I could fix this? It really sucks. Maybe I can use efibootmgr to create some generalistic USB boot target?

I have enabled legacy boot, disabled the “recommended Windows 8 settings” and all.

I too have a T495, the Workstation live usb just boots fine. Here are my BIOS settings to compare: