Gwenview, Okular missing from Kinoite 39

Updated to Fedora 39 kinoite. Now gwenview, okular is missing. Is gwenview or okular removed from base image of kinoite 39?

Yes, they’ve been replaced with preinstalled flatpaks. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in place to handle that on upgrades, AFAIK.

thatks for the info. So, people who upgrades have to manually install those apps.

As Chris said, we planned on replacing them with Flatpaks but unfortunately this didn’t make the F39 cut for the installer and we don’t have an on-major-update mechanisms to install new Flatpaks (Add a mechanism to install / ask for removal of new / removed default Flatpaks on major version rebase (#8) · Issues · fedora / Fedora Atomic Desktops / SIG Issue Tracker · GitLab). The Flatpaks are there in the Fedora Flatpak remote and on Flathub.