Grub2 menu for disk encrypted installation

I installed Fedora 38 with disk encryption on BTRFS. The BIOS of my machine automatically send me to the unlocking password on whatever the latest kernel I installed is.

This is not what I want at all.

The machine is a dual boot with Windows. That is on another drive, with its own boot loader. But that’s not important right now. What is important, is that I want to see the grube2 menu and choose which OS I boot. This is how it worked when I had no disk encryption.

How do I set that up?

For your information, grub2 menu is disabled by default on single OS systems, see Changes/HiddenGrubMenu - Fedora Project Wiki

The reason your grub2 menu is not showing is likely not related to the encryption but to the fact that Fedora/Grub hasn’t recognized the second OS yet.


sudo grub2-editenv - unset menu_auto_hide

to enable Grub2 menu on boot

See also: GRUB hidden menu change FAQ - Hans' hacking log — LiveJournal

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Thank you. I will test and report back.

Perfect! It worked.

Thank you very much indeed.

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