GRUB error on fresh SB30

Error shows itself before splash screen (fedora+manufacturer logo)
message: error: ../../grub-core/fs/fat/c:447:not a FAT filesystem


I see this error, too

Same here on regular F30 Workstation. FAT dirty bit is still set after reboot:

~  sudo fsck /boot/efi
[sudo] password for exalm: 
fsck from util-linux 2.33.2
fsck.fat 4.1 (2017-01-24)
0x25: Dirty bit is set. Fs was not properly unmounted and some data may be corrupt.
1) Remove dirty bit
2) No action
? 1
Perform changes ? (y/n) y
/dev/nvme0n1p1: 32 files, 4623/51145 clusters
 ~  

However, it doesn’t help.

I’m also seeing this (including the dirty bit reported by exalm) on a regular F30 workstation following a clean install on a Dell XPS 9370 machine. This is also using an nvme drive. The error message flashes up then disappears and the machine boots as normal and everything is otherwise fine.

I’m not seeing this on another machine with /dev/sd_ drive so wonder if it’s nvme specific?

i think that was caused by dbus-broker (or some systemd)? i had it both on Fedora30 and Silverblue 30, but it is now fixed

I don’t see how dbus-broken can possibly cause it, but whatever, still happening here.

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The same issue: 1699761 – 'error: ../../grub-core/fs/fat.c:447:not a FAT filesystem' displayed briefly during boot


yeah, i dont see either how is connected w dbus-broker, but it was the package that updated and fixed it; it could be some scriptlet that runs and causes the error; i might be wrong, but since i haven’t the error anymore i cant investigate what was exactly wrong …but for issue to be corrected you also need to fix the dirty bit

that issue (/grub is not a FAT32 filesystem… smth like that) came again on 30.20190418.n.0 :confused:

diff 30.20190416.n.0 → 30.20190418.n.0

  at-spi2-core 2.32.1-1.fc30 -> 2.32.1-2.fc30
  dbus-broker 20-2.fc30 -> 20-3.fc30
  fuse 2.9.9-2.fc30 -> 2.9.9-3.fc30
  fuse-common 3.4.2-2.fc30 -> 3.4.2-3.fc30
  fuse-libs 2.9.9-2.fc30 -> 2.9.9-3.fc30
  fuse3-libs 3.4.2-2.fc30 -> 3.4.2-3.fc30
  fwupd 1.2.7-1.fc30 -> 1.2.7-2.fc30
  gamemode 1.2-3.fc30 -> 1.2-4.fc30
  gdm 1:3.32.0-1.fc30 -> 1:3.32.0-3.fc30
  geocode-glib 3.26.1-1.fc30 -> 3.26.1-2.fc30
  glib-networking 2.60.1-1.fc30 -> 2.60.1-2.fc30
  glib2 2.60.1-1.fc30 -> 2.60.1-2.fc30
  gnome-bluetooth 1:3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 1:3.32.1-2.fc30
  gnome-bluetooth-libs 1:3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 1:3.32.1-2.fc30
  gnome-characters 3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 3.32.1-2.fc30
  gnome-control-center 3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 3.32.1-2.fc30
  gnome-control-center-filesystem 3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 3.32.1-2.fc30
  gnome-desktop3 3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 3.32.1-2.fc30
  gnome-disk-utility 3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 3.32.1-2.fc30
  gnome-initial-setup 3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 3.32.1-2.fc30
  gnome-software 3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 3.32.1-2.fc30
  gnome-software-rpm-ostree 3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 3.32.1-2.fc30
  gnome-system-monitor 3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 3.32.1-2.fc30
  gobject-introspection 1.60.1-1.fc30 -> 1.60.1-2.fc30
  gvfs 1.40.1-1.fc30 -> 1.40.1-2.fc30
  gvfs-afc 1.40.1-1.fc30 -> 1.40.1-2.fc30
  gvfs-afp 1.40.1-1.fc30 -> 1.40.1-2.fc30
  gvfs-archive 1.40.1-1.fc30 -> 1.40.1-2.fc30
  gvfs-client 1.40.1-1.fc30 -> 1.40.1-2.fc30
  gvfs-fuse 1.40.1-1.fc30 -> 1.40.1-2.fc30
  gvfs-goa 1.40.1-1.fc30 -> 1.40.1-2.fc30
  gvfs-gphoto2 1.40.1-1.fc30 -> 1.40.1-2.fc30
  gvfs-mtp 1.40.1-1.fc30 -> 1.40.1-2.fc30
  gvfs-smb 1.40.1-1.fc30 -> 1.40.1-2.fc30
  libdazzle 3.32.1-1.fc30 -> 3.32.1-2.fc30
  libinput 1.13.1-1.fc30 -> 1.13.1-2.fc30
  libmodulemd1 1.8.6-2.fc30 -> 1.8.6-3.fc30
  libnotify 0.7.8-1.fc30 -> 0.7.8-2.fc30
  libsoup 2.66.1-1.fc30 -> 2.66.1-2.fc30
  libxmlb 0.1.8-1.fc30 -> 0.1.8-2.fc30
  mesa-dri-drivers 19.0.2-2.fc30 -> 19.0.2-3.fc30
  mesa-filesystem 19.0.2-2.fc30 -> 19.0.2-3.fc30
  mesa-libEGL 19.0.2-2.fc30 -> 19.0.2-3.fc30
  mesa-libGL 19.0.2-2.fc30 -> 19.0.2-3.fc30
  mesa-libgbm 19.0.2-2.fc30 -> 19.0.2-3.fc30
  mesa-libglapi 19.0.2-2.fc30 -> 19.0.2-3.fc30
  mesa-libxatracker 19.0.2-2.fc30 -> 19.0.2-3.fc30
  mesa-vulkan-drivers 19.0.2-2.fc30 -> 19.0.2-3.fc30
  systemd 241-6.gita2eaa1c.fc30 -> 241-7.gita2eaa1c.fc30
  systemd-libs 241-6.gita2eaa1c.fc30 -> 241-7.gita2eaa1c.fc30
  systemd-pam 241-6.gita2eaa1c.fc30 -> 241-7.gita2eaa1c.fc30
  systemd-rpm-macros 241-6.gita2eaa1c.fc30 -> 241-7.gita2eaa1c.fc30
  systemd-udev 241-6.gita2eaa1c.fc30 -> 241-7.gita2eaa1c.fc30
  toolbox 0.0.7-1.fc30 -> 0.0.8-2.fc30
  zchunk-libs 1.1.0-1.fc30 -> 1.1.1-3.fc30

I have the same problem after clean install F30 Beta.

I suspect it may be an F30 anaconda installer issue, b/c the grub error does not appear when upgrading F29 → F30.

Same partition scheme in both cases

More than likely had to do with the new grub entry created fixing it.

The fix


I noticed the same issue and I have plain old SSD.