Graphic Card Issue While Installing Fedora

Hello, iam having a running graphic card problem which is preventing me from installing fedora.

I am coming from ubuntu OS (currently running on recovery mode).

it’s pretty clear to me that i might be having a graphic card issue, as when i tried debugging i discovered that intels doesn’t support the newer kernel versions for i915

my graphic card is intel skylake g2 520.

i figured i had try fedora, thinking perhaps it’s just an ubuntu OS problem since my windows is running fine (I am running a dual boot system) but i have ran into the same issue:

so is this officially a kernel problem, and i have to downgrade to kernel 5.19?

today i was able to boot into Fedora-live but it went into blank screen after about 10mins screen time before i even started installation
i restarted it again, to install but it didn’t even take 2mins before the screen froze!

i don’t really know what to do, i just want to install fedora atp and get on with my life.

appreciate any help i can get, i am close to my system rn

hwinfo --cpu --memory --graphics --storage
Provide the output into </>. So we can help.

One may be able to achieve stable graphics when booting from the install media by selecting the “troubleshooting” option on the initial menu then selecting to boot with “basic graphics”.