Gpg and pcscd on Fedora 33

If you use a yubikey (or similar) to store GPG keys and indirectly SSH keys, you’re likely familiar with the pcsc-lite package. Silverblue added the pcsc-lite as a default package in Fedora 33. This is great!

Since upgrading to Fedora 33, gpg --card-status began not finding the device. In previous versions, I experienced this problem when my zsh init scripts started gpg-agent. I fixed the problem by manually starting it every boot. Not sure why this worked, but it did. This work-around stopped working in Fedora 33. (Side note: gpg-agent starts automatically when you run gpg --card-status, which is useful if you need to do this frequently.)

My current work around is to kill the pcscd process after booting and then starting gpg-agent. Afterwards, gpg --card-status works again.

Hopefully this helps someone.

Possibly someone can look into why the boot process mucks up pcscd. My only layered packages are: fedora-workstation-repositories gnome-tweak-tool google-chrome-stable zsh