Yubikey Authenticator 5.1.0 vs Fedora 35, problems after every power up/restart

After every restart/power up I have to re-enter the following in terminal, or Yubico Authenticator shows my Yubikey as being empty, which of course is not the case. After the following commands, the Authenticator app shows my accounts properly, until I reboot or logoff again. Is there a way to avoid this? I’m sorry, but I am a Linux neophyte.

sudo systemctl stop pcscd
sudo systemctl stop pcscd.socket

sudo snap restart yubioath-desktop.pcscd

It looks like this is a known issue with the Yubico snap.

The other things mentioned above, from Snapstore it self said:

This snap bundles its own version of the pcscd daemon, and is not compatible with running a system-wide version of pcscd.

I’m not sure, but maybe you want to read this: https://www.yubico.com/id/works-with-yubikey/catalog/fedora/

Hi. Thanks. I was already aware of that resource, and it wasn’t able to entirely solve the issue for me.

I just found native package for Fedora Linux sudo dnf install yubioath-desktop. But not sure if this will work as you expected.

Here the info:

[testcase@fedora ~]$ dnf info yubioath-desktop
Last metadata expiration check: 3:46:35 ago on Sat 08 Jan 2022 05:47:05 PM WIB.
Available Packages
Name         : yubioath-desktop
Version      : 5.1.0
Release      : 1.20211008gita836933.fc35
Architecture : x86_64
Size         : 5.3 M
Source       : yubioath-desktop-5.1.0-1.20211008gita836933.fc35.src.rpm
Repository   : updates
Summary      : Yubikey tool for generating OATH event-based HOTP and time-based
             : TOTP codes
URL          : https://github.com/Yubico/yubioath-desktop
License      : BSD
Description  : The Yubico Authenticator is a graphical desktop tool and CLI for
             : generating Open AuTHentication (OATH) event-based HOTP and
             : time-based TOTP one-time password codes, with the help of a
             : YubiKey that protects the shared secrets.

Hello from a very wintry Western Canada… I have that, but from a snap, not from github. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot later today. Thanks for your help!