Must have software for Silverblue. Recommendations?

The post title says it all. Looking for suggestions from those of you using Silverblue on a daily basis. :smiley:

I have a gitlab repo with a script of what i use. of course, not everything is available on flatpaks but most of what i use is on that script. I have added a few things since i last updated it so maybe i need to update it

zsh + ohmyzsh + powerlevel10k

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…the first thing I needed rpm-ostree for.

I felt really bad overlaying nano so I built it myself.

Necessary to make Silverblue workable for me:

  • pcsc-lite (in order to support smartcards/yubikeys),
  • firewall-config

@cobratbq Do you use yubikeys with your silverblue? If so, how is that working out for you?

@dan1mal Yes. Works fine, so far. pcsc-lite enables usage by gpg and ssh. I believe the web browser uses a different interface, so it doesn’t rely on pcsc-lite to be installed.

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A few days ago, I also started using bfq IO scheduler. Highly recommended when using Silverblue (well, Gnome desktop basically) on somewhat older notebooks. Feels a lot more snappy. (As I understand it, bfq will become default in F31 - so prly also Silverblue - anyways.) Anyways, I am hugely enjoying the responsiveness that this scheduler brings me. But this is not really software, but rather a setting.

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