GNU IceCat won't start

Hi folks, I’m just starting out on Fedora with KDE-plasma on Asahi and I’m having trouble launching the GNU IceCat browser.

I installed IceCat from the GUI application “Discover” and when I try to launch it via GUI I get a bouncing icon and then nothing. When I launch it via Konsole I get the following

x@x0:~$ icecat
restorecon: SELinux: Could not get canonical path for /home/x/.mozilla/icecat/* restorecon: No such file or directory.
XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /usr/lib64/icecat/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Couldn't load XPCOM.

Does anyone know why this is happening or if I should ask on a different forum?

You need to install dbus-glib.

Icecat is missing all of the automatically generated dependencies:

$ rpm -q --requires icecat
nspr >= 4.32
nss >= 3.88
rpmlib(BuiltinLuaScripts) <= 4.2.2-1
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1
rpmlib(FileDigests) <= 4.6.0-1
rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1
rpmlib(PayloadIsZstd) <= 5.4.18-1

It probably needs something similar to PR#27: Make provides/requires filtering smarter/automatic - rpms/firefox -

Please file a bug against icecat.

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Thanks! That workaround worked for me. I’ve filed issue 2255254.