Gnome-shell not starting up



Hello, I am new to fedora
after installing fedora 29 on a multiseat system running 4 monitors.
gnome-shell is not starting and this is what I am receiving


Looks like an nvidia issue… How did you install the driver?


I suspect you’re testing something that hasn’t been tested before and finding some hole in the logic. (Itt might be related to - but I don’t think so.)

Getting a backtrace for the gnome-shell segfault would be the starting point - see - then I’d file a bug report against ‘mutter’ - is the best place to file a bug report, but filing it in against the fedora/mutter component would be OK too. The bug report should also include any relevant messages in the system logs (use journalctl.)

Sorry you are having this problem!


To add to this a bit: an easy way of getting the core dump would be coredumpctl dump gnome-shell -o gnome-shell.core, to write the core dump to a file named gnome-shell.core.