Gnome Mutter/Windows Manager forgets visibility settings

Dear friends

i am running gnome on a 3 4k-display desktop. “Fortunately” there is enough room
to show some application in all (virtual) workspaces (currently 5)

  • two developer for my 2 custimer
  • one for commercial accounting

It is convenient for me, to see my mail or message application in any of these workspaces. So gnome-mutter allows to set a window attribute to show this window in all workspaces, called

  • immer auf der sichtbaren Arbeitsfläche
  • visible in all workspaces (possible in english)

The problem occurs frequently, when the calendar component pop ups a reminder or a dialogue.

description of the bug

The problem is, that mutter forgets this setting for thunderbird, when thunderbird shows a subdialog. Whenever a dialog has been show the set attribute is getting lost an i have to search for the mail-app on in my workspaces.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.use a multi-display environement with multiple workspaces
2.mark a window “visible in all workspaces”
3.let the window show an dialog (i.e. those of thunderbird with its modal dialoges) and then the setting has been removed.
Actual Results:
mutter forgets the application settings for visibility

Expected Results:
mutter should remember the app/windows settings for visibility

Are you running Xorg?
That looks like this bug: A GNOME App may loose state 'Always on Visible Workspace' if any of pop-up windows opened in the application (#3076) · Issues · GNOME / mutter · GitLab

No i am runnig wayland and on my fedora i am calling thunderbird using the thunderbird-on-wayland app.


i tried to retrace the description but the visible state of gedit didn’t change, so i can not comfirm Olegs issue. But the problem looks similar to me, a subwindow with a different title may irritate mutter.