Gnome Icons not showing correctly on Fedora 31


Ever since i upgraded to Fedora 31 on my workstation, bluetooth and shutdown icons an not showing up correctly. I use arc shell theme but I think this is happening from before I even installed anything on it.

Did anyone encounter this? Can anyone point me somewhere I could look for the issue?

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Hi @nmousouros, welcome to Fedora. Please go through the posts in the #start-here category if you’ve not yet had a chance to do so.

To begin with, can you please create a new user and see if the issue persists? That will tell us whether it is a system issue or one limited to the configuration for your particular user.

It looks like the arc package was build to earlier versions of gnome and not to the last 3.32 and 3.34 which should explain the issue. if you do check dates of thispackage in fedora repo , you can see that it is dated with release 20181022.

If you see in github there out is a last version 20190917 that should allow build against gnome 3.34 Releases · arc-design/arc-theme · GitHub

You can try contact with the maintainer to see what is the real state of package and report this bug to the maintainer in case. How to file a bug :: Fedora Docs


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