GNOME Camera (snapshot) and GNOME Image Viewer (loupe) missing from Fedora Linux 39

I just updated to Fedora Linux 39 and noticed that new GNOME Core Apps, GNOME Camera (snapshot) and GNOME Image Viewer (loupe), missing from the repositories of Fedora Linux 39. What’s the problem with them? Can you fix this?

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loupe-45.0-1.fc39.src.rpmseams still be there.
Camara you can install with the software app as a flatpack.

GNOME Software says it’s available only in Flatpak form from Flathub?

I know that, but this is request provide RPM for snapshot. As I said, GNOME Camera is GNOME Core App and Fedora Linux usually (excepts only for compelling reasons, such as the case of GNOME Console) ships them by default, so it’s quite hurry to do this before Fedora Linux 39 is stable release.

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Maybe AppStream or something like it is broken?

Yeah, I think Fedora’s appstream-data is missing Loupe. I’ll ping someone…

OK, so I looked into this a bit more. What I think is going on is that Loupe and EOG (the old image viewer) were sort of fighting for the name “Image Viewer”, in appstream data terms. For a while, both packages shipped appstream metadata claiming that name.

eog had its appstream name changed in 45.0. That build went stable for Fedora 39 five days ago. The appstream data source is supposed to get regenerated weekly, though looking at the timestamps, it hasn’t been done for about three weeks, I’ll check into that. Then the appstream-data package is updated to include the new source data. I’m not sure if that step is required to get GNOME Software to show the new info, or whether it’s just a cache and Software will update the metadata direct from the source.

So…the next time the source metadata gets updated, it should flip over to recognizing Loupe as the provider of “Image Viewer”. Either then, or when the appstream-data package gets updated with the new source metadata, this problem should be resolved. I’ll try and find out who needs to do what to prod that process along a bit.


Why do I have it then? I could remove and install again.

Ok, in the Software app I also just see the flathub version.

Sounds reasonable, thanks! However, I can see both on GNOME Software without problem. Two “Image Viewer”, two logos and eog shows all the sources correctly, loupe shows only Flathub.



So now we need get just snapshot to the repositories of Fedora, how do we proceed with that?

Yeah, seeing the flathub version is expected, because that data comes from flathub. The thing that’s missing is the data on Fedora’s package repository, so it doesn’t show as installed when you have the RPM installed, and you can’t install the RPM when you don’t have it installed.

I’ve filed a bug, if hughesie doesn’t see it in a day or two I’ll ping him.


As for snapshot, I don’t know if it’s ready yet:

(I don’t think this should be generally tagged in the package-maintainers category, probably more fitting in workstation since they look after the default package set and so on. )


Right, these Rust apps are really hard to package and so far we only have Loupe working. The goal is to package Snapshot for Fedora 40. Kalev is doing all this work himself and I’m sure he’d appreciate assistance; the challenge is packaging and owning hundreds of Rust dependencies.

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Try this

$ sudo dnf install snapshot

$ sudo dnf install loupe