Gnome Boxes Bridged Networking


So i need to use VMs for university and whatnot, and i decided to try Gnome Boxes. Unfortunately, i couldn’t ping between VMs and host, but i found a solution from Ivan Molodetskikh here: Support Bridged Networking to enable guests accessible from LAN (#546) · Issues · GNOME / GNOME Boxes · GitLab

On a fresh f36 install, libvirt-daemon-config-network was already installed, but i had to systemctl enable --now virtnetworkd-ro.socket in order to make bridged networking work in Boxes, which is great! But the maintainer of Boxes said in the above gitlab issue that it should work OOTB and was puzzled that it didn’t work in Fedora. So my question is, why isn’t it enabled by default?

A lot of people use Virtualization to isolate an environment from their host and do not want to have access direct to the virtual env.

But I do agree, bridged network should be made easier for those who need it.

See if the following question I made helps you also with Boxes. I asked it for VMM.