`glances` downgraded upon upgrade to Fedora 30

Upon upgrading to Fedora 30, glances was downgraded to version 2.11.1. That is a relatively ancient version. Releases · nicolargo/glances · GitHub

I think on Fedora 29 the version was 3.0.2, and I was hoping/expecting an upgrade, not the opposite.

Bug List says that the package was updated to 3.x in F29 but not F30 or rawhide, which is a bit weird. It also shows a bug open for the new release. Please comment there requesting the maintainer to update the package (you can log in to bugzilla using FAS).

Most Fedora packages are maintained by volunteers in their free time who use the software themselves. So, sometimes, if theyre not using it any more or too busy, updating it goes down the priority list. Letting them know that you would like an update helps incentivise them :slight_smile:

I’ve avoided filing issues with bugzilla due to the personal information and email made public in such filings. I didn’t feel like bothering to create and maintain yet another email address just for this purpose (as recommended by bugzilla). Not sure if using FAS would avoid privacy issues.

In any case, I’m being unable to log into bugzilla with FAS. It flashes a screen with “IPSILON” and comes right back to the bugzilla login page. I tried with three different browsers. I wish it weren’t so difficult to file bugs. I’d rather something like github.

Different developers use different platforms—unfortunately, there isn’t a standard even if Github seems to be ubiquitous.

It isn’t—I’ve never seen this case reported before. So I really haven’t a clue what’s happening in this case. I’ve filed an issue with Fedora infrastructure here on your behalf: https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/7760

It’s your decision, but if you don’t report the bug, it won’t get fixed. No software can be tested completely by developers. That’s just the reality of things.

This is a different dicussion, that merits a different topic, but have you come across some information that makes you trust a proprietary, closed platform with your information more than a FOSS one driven and used by an open FOSS community?

What I meant by

is in reference to bugzilla’s own notice:

PRIVACY NOTICE: Red Hat Bugzilla is an open bug tracking system. Activity on most bugs, including email addresses, will be visible to registered users. We recommend using a secondary account or free web email service (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or similar) to avoid receiving spam at your primary email address.

I don’t like the idea of names and email addresses being visible, and don’t feel like dealing with another email address just for this purpose.

Otherwise I would be happy to file bugs and help debug issues. My reference to github wasn’t an endorsement of its platform, but rather pointing out the contrast in what information it forces to make publicly visible.

Anyways, this is a bit off topic. It seems the latest version of glances just wasn’t built for Fedora 30, for some reason. Maybe just an oversight and not a technical reason? In any case it’s quite strange.

Bugs can be marked as “private” so that only you (the reporter) and the assignee (the maintainer) will be able to see them.

Yeh. There’s no comment from the maintainer on the release-monitoring notification bug, and there isn’t an FTBFS (failed to build from source) bug either, so it should not be a technical reason especially given that it was built for F29. Only way to know in this case, unfortunately, is to ask the maintainer directly. :slightly_frowning_face:

You can e-mail them on glances-owner AT fedoraproject DOT org if you’d like (I cant find a reference to this alias, but I’m quite sure that’s the form: `package_name-owner AT fedoraproject DOT org). Some maintainers do not like to be privately emailed instead of conversing over bugzilla though—we all have our personal preferences :slightly_smiling_face:

I suppose that’s useful if the bug is of a sensitive nature, but in general it’s probably best to have them public.

According to https://apps.fedoraproject.org/packages/glances/overview/ the point of contact and maintainer is https://src.fedoraproject.org/user/madko but it seems this person hasn’t been active lately, or responsive on bugzilla.

Recent activity, most recently by “Fedora Release Engineering” which has been rebuilding the package for the past several Fedora releases: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/glances/commits/master

@fasulia: would you be able to provide more information on the issue on the pagure ticket by any chance?

No problem. Let me know what additional information would be helpful.

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It’s why I maintains a copr about glances: Project List
You can find the latest version of this app for all fedora versions (glances for el7 is not the latest version, because psutil >= 5.3.0)


Would you consider maintaining the package in the repos please @tartare?

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That’s a nice list of packages in your copr. Please do consider becoming a package maintainer for the Fedora repo! :slight_smile:


@fasulia I’m already a little packager: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/packages/s/tartare/


@FranciscoD I’m starting the process


Awesome! Please reach out the the devel list if you need any assistance at all :clap:

Looks like the package maintainer has shown some activity: the Fedora 30 package has been updated from v2.11.1 to v3.0.2. Not sure why it’s not at the latest v3.1.0, but it’s a start!

Why not ask them and see what they say?

There are already multiple bug reports about it.

Okay. In them, have others asked the maintainer why the update isnt to the latest version?

It’s pretty difficult to ask anything of an absent maintainer.

@tartare Any updates about the maintainer or your takeover?