'associated accounts' in (fedoraproject.org) preferences

On my profile page* there’s an old OAuth 2.0 -associated email address which I seemingly can’t remove. The form is as follows:

Associated Accounts
OAuth 2 | mail@example.com


Can this data only be removed by an administrator (please do so)?

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Added request and removed meta

Try to edit this in Fedora Accounts

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Note that you should make sure to add your new email address to this account first; if you don’t, the association may be lost.

I have that as well. I changed my FAS email address and then manually changed it in Discourse, but “Associated Accounts” still shows the old address.

There doesn’t seem to be any practical effect, so I wasn’t particularly worried about it

I’ve updated my email address on accounts.fedoraproject.org: the old address does not anymore display there, but it does on discussion.fedoraproject.org.

I’m slightly concerned since the address can potentially be used for tying my Fedora account with other online identities (after a data breach); I’ve since moved near-exclusively to email aliases.

Why the past account email address is still stored?

The page URL templates (email settings) for reference:


Do you use this email also in Bugzilla? If yes, you might have to change it there too.
Log in to Red Hat Bugzilla

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I likely created an account via the ‘Fedora account system’ in the past (sadly I never finished a bug report) in the past.

When attempting the process since changing my email:

Red Hat Bugzilla could not map your Fedora Account System login to a Red Hat Bugzilla account.

If you would like to create a Red Hat Bugzilla account for “mail@example.com” then click HERE

I didn’t proceed for now, may create a duplicate account. I’ll research more later!