Fun little project with fedora

Hi All,

I was running fedora 33 with general relase kernel and I was found that kernel is buggy so I switch to the old kernel 4.19 release now the VMware player 16 is asking me gcc+ version 8.2.1 but I have latest version of gcc+ which is 10.2.2 my question is how I can downgrade or sideload the gcc version 8.2.1 so the virtual machine stuff get sorted.

You’d better forget about those ancient dependencies.
The best options are libvirt+KVM/QEMU and/or GNOME Boxes.
Or, perhaps you don’t even need full virtualization.

Start with the following and check out the linked articles:

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Please give us more info’s about your Hardware. Might be that you have troubles because of drivers who are not correct installed?
inxi -Fzx (Terminal command)
Would be interesting.

Ah and please choose an other title for your topic. It not says anything about your problems you have.
Just saying kernel is buggy is also not really helpful. Describe the bugs you have with the default kernel.
Best is for every bug a topic.
Just so it is possible to eliminate the bugs.