Fstab for SSD on F38/F39


I’ve installed a new F39 system on a computer with an SSD.
The entry in fstab is:

xfs defaults 0 0

Is Fedora using xfs instead of btrfs as the default now?
Do I need to add any other flags because it is an ssd (like ssd,noatime), or does default cover ssds?

XFS is still default for Fedora Server and Btrfs is default for everything else so I guess you installed from a server/boot ISO. ssd mount option doesn’t exist for XFS, for btrfs it should be used by default if btrfs detects it’s running on an SSD.

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Yes, but on the server release and not most user workstation spins. I found that out when I was playing with the server release for my raspberry Pi.

I used the ‘network install’. This asks what type of install you want during set-up & I said ‘Workstation’. I guess it was just using that for the package selection.
Is there any problem using xfs on an SSD?

I have been using xfs on ssd’s for years with no issues.