Mount options for SSD drive

Hi all!

I installed “Fedora Linux 36 (Cinnamon)” recently.
At SSD drive.

My fstab =
UUID=0ab1149e-d809-4987-98db-e18e81f7cbed / btrfs subvol=root,compress=zstd:1 0 0 UUID=0aa15e42-0ee1-4f29-8290-a1a5b9ca3b2b /boot ext4 defaults 1 2 UUID=0ab1149e-d809-4987-98db-e18e81f7cbed /home btrfs subvol=home,compress=zstd:1 0 0

They say, SSD drive need many additional mount options (like nosuid,noatime,nodiratime,discard,data=writeback,delalloc,nobarrier .etc)
I thought installer know right options…

and now I am confused, whether I need to add options myself, or BTRFS do not need them.

Your opinion?

IIRC, you can see the actual options (i.e., including default ones) from the output of the mount command

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The defaults for btrfs will work just fine.You should be good to go with the way it’s set up.

I did not gues to view the actual options.

I think option “ssd” discard all my doubts.