Forwarding from "" to "" is broken due to wrong certificate (https/dns issue)

A user has reported this at bugzilla to Fedora Docs:

I have already forwarded this to (this does not belong to Fedora docs ) and asked if they can handle this or forward it if not, but for the sake of completeness, it might be documented here so that everyone is on the same page, just in case someone here can handle this more quickly (if anyone here can take over that, they might let know).

An indirectly related question: who handles third-party-service issues like this one?

In case users who use to enter Ask.Fedora end up here: ask.fedora works fine if you use the direct link:

Alternatively, just go to and use the “Ask Fedora” category on the left.

Today, the link is only a forwarding to the direct link.


The forward is done in Fedora infra, I believe. But let me check. It might be something with a change the hosting provider made to our staging setup.

This is fixed. Thank you for the report. (Turned out to be unrelated to the staging change, FWIW.)

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